HERA currently participates in two "green mobility" projects

The SYN2OL project, led by the HERA Group and developed by the National Renewable Energy Centre (Navarre), begun in 2015 and aimed at developing a fermentative process using synthesis gas, to obtain alcohol and acetic acid on a pilot scale. The revaluation of synthesis gas from the remaining fraction of solid urban waste, could be used both as a source of electricity in a combustion engine, and to generate ethanol and acetic acid through anaerobic fermentation.

The VaBHyoGaz project, led by Albhyon, of the HERA Group, in collaboration with the Trifyl (France) public waste management body, for the production of vehicular hydrogen from biogas. It started in 2007 and is now in its third phase. In 2014 the process was validated at the technical level, with the installation in Tarn (south of France) of a module producing 10 kg H2 / day from landfill biogas.