HERA has several laboratories that provide service to external customers and support to the different business areas of the Group.


WATER / Analysis of wastewater, underground, continental, regenerated and leached water:

- Collection of discrete point samples and automatic samplings with weighted composite samples based on time, flow ...
- Basic debugging parameters (COD, BOD5, MONTH, pH, Electrical conductivity ...)
- DUCA parameters (decanted COD, MONTH, SUN, NTK, total P, Inhibitory Matter)
- Nutrients: Nitrogen (NH4 +, NTK, total N) and Phosphorus (total P, PO43-)
- Micronutrients and salts
- Anions (F-, Cl-, Br-, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-, ...)
- Metals (Al, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, Zn, ..)
- Organic pollutants (detergents, phenols, solvents ...)
- Elemental analysis (C, H, N, S)
- Semi-quantitative analysis by X-ray fluorescence
- Reuse of treated water for irrigation
- Adaptation of the quality of the spill to the applicable legislation, etc.

WASTE / Analysis of waste characterization as well as the leachate, carrying out:

- Qualitative analysis of inert, urban, industrial and hazardous waste
- Waste characterization according to different applicable regulations
- Leachate analysis of all types of controlled landfills according to applicable regulations
- Agronomic characterization of sludge
- Elemental analysis of waste (C, H, N, S and Cl)
- Calorific value of the waste
- Semi-quantitative analysis by X-ray fluorescence
- Classification of hazardous waste

SOIL AND AQUIFERS / Analytical characterization of soil and groundwater in accordance with applicable regulations:

- Sampling of soil and groundwater
- Natural parameters: pH, dissolved oxygen, salts, anions ...
- Pollution parameters: metals, organic pollutants ...
- Conduction of studies


Laboratory scale studies of water and waste treatment processes:

- Studies in biological pilot plants and activated sludge for de novo sizing or in the modifications of WWTCs
- Ultimate aerobic biodegradability evaluation of industrial effluents, Zahn-Wellens UNE-EN ISO 9888
- Calculation of dose and optimization of reagent consumption: Coagulation-flocculation tests (Jar Test)
- Other biological tests: respirometries, bioindication ...
- Study of sludge generation, treatment ...
- Determination of purification yields obtained
- Ozonization tests in a pilot plant
- Monitoring of the necessary parameters during the treatment of waste and leachate in plants

Complementing the previous activities, we offer technical advice in the field of application.

HERA has a highly qualified staff, analytical and measurement instrumentation for field and laboratory use, pilot plants for process trials on a laboratory scale.

We comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 certification in quality management systems and are accredited by ENAC according to UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 for vector control in wastewater, No. 1122 / LE2173.